Jo and Martin have 2 Kalimors, Tilly from my June 2006 and Gus from my April 2009 litter. They have proved to be the most wonderful Weimaraner owners and have this to say about their dogs.

" Tilly was calm and relaxed from the start. As a puppy she rarely gave us any trouble, the only naughty thing I can recall is her eating a gingerbread house baking set one christmas. It was all wrapped under the christmas tree and we'd pretty much forgotten it was there until one day she appeared suddenly with a green head from eating the icing which was meant to be grass.
She has gone on since then to perfect her thieving tendancies and will steal anything edible given the slightest chance. You can't leave a packet of mints in a pocket - she'd eat the coat to get at them.
She goes everywhere with us and can be trusted with pretty much anyone or anything ( as long as it's not food). She has the sweetest nature and we couldn't ask for a lovelier pet.
When we decided to take the plunge with another Weim, we could only hope that Tina would give us the opportunity to have another kalimor. We couldn't imagine going anywhere else. So we now have Gus, who we collected at the end of May 2009.
Gus is doing his very best to prove to us how lucky we were to have an easy time with Tilly as a puppy! He's very, very clever and completely fearless. He was trying to rough play with the adult dogs within minutes of arriving here. If he's not hanging from Tilly's ears then he is usually to be found chewing someone's foot or killing his fluffy duck toy....but he loves to be close to us, adores his cuddles and likes to curl up with Tilly to sleep. He's fitting in well already and we're very much looking forward to watching him grow and learn.
Our thanks go to Tina for entrusting us with her beautiful babies".