"COCO"   24.09.00 to 27/12/2011

                                          Sh Ch Cavalmist Coco at Kalimor JW  Hips 4.4

                       Sh Ch Gunalt Carter with Keaek JW ex Sh Ch Kalimor Cassis of Cavalmist JW   

Coco inherited her wicked ways from her mother Sh Ch Kalimor Cassis at Cavalmist and her grandmother Kalimor Katherine. She was the worst thief I have EVER known and would eat almost anything. On the plus side she had a temperament second to none and I trusted her 100% when out and about at shows and with other dogs. She kept us all on our toes at home but she was still adorable, a lovable rogue. She was a wonderful mother and produced some super puppies that have grown, without exception, into fabulous dogs. Sadly she passed away suddenly this Xmas 2011. We are all devastated and cannot believe that she has gone. Her character was so big that it will never be replaced. She has left a huge grey hole  and we miss her terribly. RIP darling girl...sweet dreams.

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