"Miller"        07/1999 - 18/07/2012

     Kalimor Malvolio  Sh Ch Kalimor Cooper JW ex Kalimor Knockout JW

Sadly Miller passed away peacefully on 18/07/2012. He was laid to rest in his favourite field out here at Marden. He lies between his mother Wanda, best friend Coco and dad Cooper. RIP Miller, you were a true gent and such a gentle, loving boy. We will miss you and never forget the memories.

Owned and loved by Paul and Linda Carter who were totally besotted with him.
 He was their baby, and charmed everyone who he met.
Miller was a delightful dog, a one in a million. He lived nearby and often walked up here twice daily.
Linda and Paul had this to say about him:

"What can we tell you about our wonderful dog Miller?
After many years of failed fertility/I.V.F cycles, we gave up on our dream of 2.4 children and went for the next best thing, a Weimaraner Puppy! In the first few weeks of his life at home with us, we did mutter "What have we done" on more than one occasion but Tina was always happy to to help with some invaluable support and advice for us novice and somewhat naive first time owners.
Luckily, Miller has turned out to be one of the sweetest, kind natured and calm dogs, a trait we have seen in every dog Tina has bred since and a testament to her love and passion for this very special breed.
It was a pleasure and a priviledge owning and living with him and we will miss him always.