Jamie   30/01/2003 - 24/10/2015     Dizi    2/06/2005 - 29/10/2017 

 Jamie ( litter sister to Kia ) and Dizi ( litter sister to Tula) lived with and were loved by Daren, Jacquie and their son Jude.
They both had wonderful temperaments and had a great life as part of this loving family.
They all moved over to live in USA and settled in LA, enjoying the sun and the beach. 
This is what Daren and Jacquie had to say about their girls:

" I cannot thank Tina enough for allowing them to share our world. They were so gentle, loving and compassionate and had a huge impact on our lives. They were devoted and loving without question and we miss them dearly. Their ashes look over us daily and we are better people for having had them in our lives."

Run free Jamie and Dizi.