Kalimor Gem   Born 07/05/2019 

                                Sh Ch Gunalt Academy of Raystans JW ex Sh Ch Kalimor Ruby JW

Gem is a daughter of my beloved Ruby who we lost suddenly after a routine spay. This broke all our hearts but Gem has so many of Ruby's ways that she brings everyone such comfort. She is pictured above asleep in Ruby's chair, not particularly comfortable and Ruby was the only one of my dogs that loved to sleep in it. Gem seems to know that and must still sense traces of her Mum when she sleeps there. She is a very challenging puppy as she is extremely bright and loves to chew anything going. Her energy is limitless and before this Corona virus lock down I had signed her in for Obedience/ pre Agility training as she needs more that exercise and showing to keep her mentally satisfied. Her personality is fabulous, she has learnt to smile and her tail loves to wag non stop. On the down side she is a thief and a chewer but looking back at the Kalimors that are in her pedigree it is not surprising. Aptly named, she is a little gem of a dog. Read more about her and see her pedigree on her Show Dogs page


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