Casey's 2nd litter Born  31/10/2016

                              Nemrac Invictus Hips 3.4 ex Sh Ch Kalimor Casey JW Hips 4.5

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Casey gave birth to a single lonely boy pup, Claude, and I felt that I did not want him to grow up with no siblings to teach him to play and share. Luckily Jack Spavins had a litter of 8 big pups born just a week before and her bitch was more than happy to let me have two of them to relieve the burden from her and to keep my little pup company. So along came Buddha and Peanut, as we called them, to keep my little Claude happy. They were a terrific trio of boys and Casey accepted the two newcomers with the gentleness that I would have expected from her. Claude went on to live with Steve and Karen Palmer, the 6th Kalimor to go to their household and became Kalimor Claude at Parmelly JW. The other two boys became Harry and Oscar and have wonderful homes.

Nemrac Invinctus

Sireva Twister

Sireva Ferrybridge

Kalimor Chianti

Gunalt Vitality

Ansona Puzzle JW

Sh Ch Gunalt Hedonist JW

Risinglark Matchless

Ansona Puzzle JW

Sh Ch Gunalt Carter with Keaek JW

Ansona Shannon

Sh Ch Gunalt Harris Tweed

Risinglark Old Ruby

Sh Ch Gunalt Carter with Keaek JW