"Katie"    12.06.81 - 04.06.91  Hips 0.0

                                                  Fossana Algernon ex Heronshaw Silver Solveig


Katie was my first Weimaraner bought in 1981 from Sieglinde Czerwinski who introduced me to the challenges of owning one of these grey beasts. Katy was extremely loyal and fiercely protective of our family. She was constantly with my children and they could wander far and wide on our land and I knew they would be safe under her watchful eye. Temperaments in the breed have improved 100% nowadays but way back then, I am ashamed to say, that many a postman left our property nursing bruises on his backside!! After lots of encouragement from Sieglinde, Katie was lightly shown and she did qualify for Crufts at her second Champ Show, but, at the time, family ties prevented me from pursuing this hobby. She is the Dam of my beloved Emily (Sh Ch Kalimor Classic) and the foundation of the Kalimor line.

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