"DAISY"  2CCs, 2 res CCs

                                    Kalimor Daisy JW hips 2.3  born 28/09/2018 

                      Sh Ch Gunalt Academy of Raystans JW ShCM  ex Kalimor Lily JW  

Scroll down for her details and Pedigree:

Aged 3 years....scroll down for her show wins and Pedigree


 Daisy lives in North Yorkshire with Tracy & Patrick Hostler and stable mates Kalimor Hector and Kalimor Lulu, both competing agility dogs.  She is very naughty, but incredibly nice and the whole household absolutely adore this unplanned addition to the family.   Daisy insists on cuddling the other dogs whether they like it or not and never takes no for an answer, be it from human or canine!  She loves to be outside destroying the garden or hunting for mice and is a maniac off lead, never looking where she is going and frequently charging into her owners and flattening them!   

She loves the show ring and especially likes meeting up with all her relatives.  She is also showing promise as a fast and furious agility dog and is learning the ropes well.     

Daisy is Tracy’s 4th Kalimor, but first ever show dog and has been only lightly shown while Tracy was learning the ropes and fitting breed showing around her agility calendar.    

Tracy didn't have any aspirations to gain Daisy’s Junior Warrant, but when she did so well in the show ring she had a change of heart and realised it was a realistic goal.  They got it at 16 months, which was quite a feat given how lightly she was shown and was Tracy's proudest achievement along with winning her class at Crufts in 2020.  As Daisy blossomed, Tracy got the bug and to say that we are all thrilled with Daisy’s amazing success would be an understatement! Daisy is currently taking time out from the ring for maternity duties having just given birth to 10 beautiful puppies born 26/04/2023  


Daisy's wins to date are as follows:  

2nd Open & res CC @ LKA Champ Show 2022

1st Limit, Bitch CC @ Midland Counties Champ Show 2022

1st Limit at SKC show 2022

1st Limit @ Gundog Breeds Scotland Champ Show 2022

1st Limit @ Richmond Champ Show 2022

2nd Limit City of Birmingham Champ Show 2022

1st Limit @ Weimaraner Club of GB Champ Show 2022

1st Limit & CC @ National Gundog Champ Show 2022

1st Limit @ Paignton Champ Show 2022

2nd Limit, res CC  @ Windsor Champ Show 2022

1st Limit @ Weimaraner Club Scotland Open Show

2nd Limit @ Border Union Champ Show 2022

2nd Limit @ Three Counties Champ Show2022

1st Open, BOB @ Ripon Open Show 2022

2nd Limit BItch @ Crufts 2022

1st Open @ Bellingham Synthonia Open SHow

1st PG, BOB & Res BIS at Goyt Valley Gundog Open Show 2022 

2nd Limit @ WC of Scotland Champ Show 2021 

1st Limit @ SKC Champ Show 2021 

1st Limit @ Darlington Champ Show 2021 

2nd Limit @ Weimaraner Club of GB 2021 

2nd PG @ Driffield Champ Show 2021 

1st Limit Bitch @ NEWS Open Show 2021 

2nd Limit Bitch @ Leeds Champ Show 2021 

1st PG @ East of England Champ Show 2021 

1st Limit@ NEHPR Open Show 2021 

1st PG Bitch @ East of England Champ Show 2021 

 1st Junior Bitch @ Crufts 2020  

1st Junior @ Yorkshire Gundog Open Show 2020  

2nd Open, 1st AV Gundog @ Cleveland Society Open Show 2020  

1st Open @ Northern Counties Gundog Open Show 2020  

1st Open @ Isle of Ely Champ Show 2020  

1st J, 1st PG, 1st Open, BOB @ Goyt Valley, Gundog Open Show 2020  

1st J, 1st PG, 1st Open, Res BOB @ Dukeries Gundog Open Show 2020  

1st PG, 2nd Open @ Lincoln Canine Soc. Open Show 2019  

1st Junior Bitch @ LKA Champ Show 2019  

1st AVNSC Graduate @ Bridlington & Dis Open Show 2019  

2nd Junior, 1st Yearling, 1st Novice BItch @ Weimaraner Club of Scotland Champ Show 2019  

2nd Yearling, 2nd Novice Bitch @ Gundog Breeds Ass of Scotland Champ Show 2019  

1st PG @ Wigan & District Open Show 2019  

1st Open @ Liverpool Kennel Association Open Show 2019  

1st Junior, 1st Yearling Bitch, BIS @ Weimaraner Association Open Show 2019  

1st Junior, 1st Graduate, res BOB @ Mid Herts Gundog premier Open Show 2019  

1st Junior Bitch @ Midland Counties champ Show 2019  

2nd Puppy Bitch @ Darlington Champ Show 2019  

2nd Puppy Bitch, 2nd Junior Bitch @ WCGB Champ Show 2019  

1st Puppy Bitch, 1st Junior Bitch, BP @ Bournemouth Champ Show 2019  

1st AV Puppy @ Ryedale Open Show 2019  

2nd Puppy Bitch @ Leeds Champ Show 2019  

1st Puppy, 1st Minor Puppy, BP @ Windsor Champ Show 2019  

1st Puppy, 1st Minor Puppy BItch @ Blackpool Champ Show 2019  

2nd Puppy @ North Riding Gundog Open Show 2019   

2nd Puppy @ N of E HPR Open Show 2019  

2nd MP bitch at Weimaraner Association Champ Show 2019  

1st Puppy Stakes @ Rydale Canine Limit Show 2019  

2nd MP, 2nd P bitch @ NEWS Champ Show 2019 

Sh Ch Gunalt Academy at Raystans JW ShCM Hips 4.4

Sh Ch Gunalt Distinction for Brownbank JW

Sh Ch Gunalt Unstoppable from Mianja

Gunalt Idealist for Mianja

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Sh Ch Gunalt Delicious

Sh Ch Gunalt Rumours about Sybaris

Sh Ch Gunalt Intuition

Gunalt Adoptable to Ladwey

SH Ch/NZ Ch Carmellis Hot Dikkety Dog at Gunalt ( imp NZ)

Am Ch Graytsky's Smokin' in Havana

NZ Ch Carnmellis Zafirah

Sh Ch Gunalt Contradiction

Gunalt Vitality

Sh Ch Gunalt Glamour Girl

Kalimor Lily JW hips 4.5


Ager 7 months in picture

Ansona Puzzle JW

Sh Ch Kalimor Ruby JW

Picture taken at 21 months

Kalimor Chianti