"Alice"    03/09/85 - 10.01.00

                                     Katie's Girl at Kalimor

                     Sh Ch Jehnvar of Greyfilk ex Czersieger Classic Cuty           

Alice was my second Weimaraner and born before I had my Kalimor affix. In those days, you had to breed a dog that had gained its stud book number before you could apply for an affix. 
Alice was a gentle giant and too tall for the show ring. She was spayed at an early age and lived a long and happy life as a family pet. She was a true alpha bitch, keeping everybody in line and was never challenged by any of my dogs throughout her life. All she had to do was give them a look and they knew their place! She was the sweetest natured dog and we all loved her dearly. 


Katie's girl at Kalimor

Sh Ch Jehnvar of Greyfilk

Ch Gunther of Ragstone

CH Ragstone Remus

Derrybeg Argos

Strawbridge Vanessa

Ch Dinna v Morebach ( Austrian Import)

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Greyfilk Equerry

Greyfilk Critic

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