Moss is a full brother to Tula and Rooney. He lives with Carmen & Scott Burgess, their 2 children Georgia and Grant and her 4 other Weimaraners Rosie, Sly, Luna and Nellie.
He has a passion for eating envelopes and tissues and is loved by all of Carmen's other dogs. Moss loves the eldest, Rosie the best.
Carmen says that he has the best nature ever and is trustworthy in any situation. He is adored by the family and anyone who visits.
Carmen asked me not to mention that he has the loudest gob in Britain and farts every time he sits down....but I thought that this was vital
to get the true picture of his fantastic character.
Things have changed in the last couple of years and two of Moss's doggy family " Rosie" and "Sly" sadly passed away. Moss also had a horrific accident with a 4x4 and luckily lived to run and play again. Unfortunately he lost one ear but he is still just as handsome. He loves nothing more than a cuddle on someone's lap, even though he is a strapping 7 year old.
Moss has also been joined by another doggy pal....Kalimor can read about her on my Show dogs page.