Coco's litter Born 02/06/2005      

                              Risinglark Illusion ex Sh Ch Cavalmist Coco at Kalimor JW Hips 4.4

Coco 7 weeks in whelp

Coco gave birth to a lovely litter of 7 pups, these were everything I could have wished for and grew to have wonderful temperaments. From this litter came Sh Ch Kalimor Tula JW, my most successful show dog. Click on names to see some of her pups: Tula, Moss, Rooney, Dizi, Louis. Below is pups' pedigree.

Sh Ch Gunalt Harris Tweed

Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanclub

Am Ch Nani's Totally Awesome ( US Import)

Lusco's foreign Affair of Flimmoric

Gunalt Joy

Sh Ch Gunalt Cacherel

Sh Ch Gunalt Anais Anais

Risinglark Old Ruby

Sh Ch Czersieger Clever Clown

Fossana Algernon

Heronshaw Silver Solveig

CH Rujanta Game Plucker

Sh Ch Fossana Quartz

Vanwilkie Naughty Nancy

Sh Ch Gunalt Carter with Keaek JW

Sh Ch Gunalt Balmain

Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanclub

Gunalt Joy

Gunalt Pleasures

Sh Ch Gunalt Rover

Gunalt Merola

Sh Ch Gunalt Hedonist JW

Khamsynn Cardinal Synn

Gunalt Joy

Kalimor Katherine

Sh Ch Handsom Portman of Gunalt