Sh Ch Gunalt Hedonist ex Kalimor Katherine

Born 23.04.96- 21.01.10

Cooper was a wonderful dog to live with, being calm and considerate and he loved to please you. He hated to be told off and he rarely did anything wrong.When Emily died he took her place as my constant shadow. He had a thyroid problem and at one point  lost most of his coat. It grew back as a soft silky down and it was the palest colour I have ever seen. When out with a pack of Weimaraners he looked like a white ghost. He adored people and greeted all visitors like long lost friends. When people that he knew visited he actually sang with joy. His early castration cut short his show career but as Cooper hated posing I think he was highly delighted. Although castrated he still knew when my bitches were ready to mate and he was still sexually active so had a whale of a time with his harem. He was my constant companion and a loyal loving friend.
He is buried in the field in front of my house where dogs play every day. He will never be forgotten........sleep well old friend

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Sh Ch Kalimor Cooper JW

Sh Ch Gunalt Hedonist JW

Khamsynn Cardinal Synn

Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanclub

Am Ch Nani's Totally Awesome ( US Import)

Lusco's foreign Affair of Flimmoric

Forever Amber

Silber Mondschien of Riejen

Silver Sasha

Gunalt Joy

Sh Ch Gunalt Cacherel

Ch Czolkins Platinum Cirrus

Sh Ch Gunalt Anais Anais

Sh Ch Gunalt Anais Anais

Sh Ch Hansom Brandyman of Gunalt

Vimana Viveca of Gunalt

Kalimor Katherine

Sh Ch Handsom Portman of Gunalt

Sh Ch Hansom Brandyman of Gunalt

Ch Kamsou Moonraker Von Bismark

Sh Ch Hansom Hobby Hawk

Sh Ch Hansom Misty Blue

Sh Ch Jehnvar of Greyfilk

Sh Ch Hansom Cordon Bleu

Sh Ch Kalimor Classic JW

German Ch Sascha Vom Zehnthof at Aquila ( German Import)

Alan v Forst Horice

Bianca v Welfenland

Czersieger Classic Cuty

Fossana Algernon

Heronshaw Silver Solveig