Sh Ch Kalimor Nailah at Nemrac JW, 4CCs, 3 res CCs

Born 17/4/2010

Sh Ch Ansona Gamekeeper at Aarranz JW Sh CM
ex Sh Ch Kalimor Tula JW Sh CM

owned and loved by Carmen, Scott, Grant and Georgia Burgess

Nailah went happily off to join the Burgess family and their weimaraners........Sly, Luna, Moss and Nellie.

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This is what Carmen has to say about her:

Nailah is my third Weimaraner of Kalimor breeding and niece to my Moss.
I wasn't planning on having a puppy at the time. Tina sent pictures of them stacked at five weeks and I had never seen five week old puppies so long in body. Nailah was my favourite from the pictures and when I saw them in the flesh she was still the one that caught my eye.
They were all long with lots of bone, a stunning litter with buckets of confidence.
I'm very lucky to have her. She is a little devil, loves to eat paper (like Moss), always steals the tea towel, covers me in mud every day and nips my bum in the morning when she wants her breakfast.
Her show career got off to a brilliant start and she gained her title in 2013. She is rarely shown now but may make some appearances in Veteran classes in 2017.

Nailah won Weimaraner of the year 2014 at WOTY .

1st Open Bitch & BOB at Midland Counties Champ Show 2015
1st Open Bitch & Res CC at WELKS 2015
1st Open Bitch and CC at East of England Champ Show 2014
1st Open Bitch and Res BB at Midland Counties Champ Show 2013
1st Limit Bitch and CC at Windsor Champ Show 2013
2nd Limit Bitch at Southern Counties Champ Show 2013
1st Limit Bitch, CC & res BIS at Weimaraner ass Champ Show 2013
1st PG Bitch and CC at Crufts 2013
2nd Post Graduate Bitch at LKA 2012
1st Limit Bitch & res CC at East of England Champ Show 2012
1st Yearling Bitch at Driffield Champ Show 2011
1st Yearling Bitch at Darlington Champ Show 2011
1st Graduate Bitch at Birmingham Champ Show 2011
1st Graduate Bitch at National Gundog Champ Show 2011
1st Yearling Bitch, 1st Novice Bitch at East of England Champ Show 2011
1st Junior, 1st Yearing, 1st Graduate and Res CC at Southern Counties Champ Show 2011
2nd Junior, 2nd Novice at Birmingham National 2011
1st Novice at Weimaraner Association Champ Show 2011
2nd Junior at WELKS Champ Show 2011
1st Puppy & 1st Junior at Retford Canine Open Show 2011
1st Puppy Bitch and BPIB at Boston Champ Show 2011
1st Puppy & Junior at Lincoln Canine Society 2010
1st Minor Puppy & 1st Puppy Bitch at LKA Champ Show 2010
Third minor puppy and second in Novice at North of England Weimaraner
Best puppy and Puppy group one at West Torrington Canine Society
VHC minor puppy Midland Counties
Second minor puppy Weimaraner Association
Second minor puppy at Weimaraner club of Great Britain


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