Kalimor Parker JW 1 CC hips 4.5

Born 28/09/2018

Sh Ch Gunalt Academy of Raystans JW ShCM ex Kalimor Lily JW

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aged 16 months

Although in my and Debbie's name Parker lives with my cousin Debbie Randall and is loved by us both. He is first and foremost a much loved family pet. He turned into such a handsome lad with a gorgeous character that we decided to show him. As you can see from his results below he has done extremely well indeed. Unfortunately after winning his class at Crufts 2020 lockdown hit us. During this time Parker decided to grow a bit taller and we decided to stop showing him. Debbie now has another Weimaraner to live with him. She is called Dottie and is quite a little whirlwind.  She is a daughter of Lily and Sebastian. I show her for Debbie and she is doing very well so far. Debbie's beautiful garden is now like a wasteland as Dottie has a love of digging holes and removing plants. Parker adores her and has yet to put her in her place. Dottie is definitely the boss.

Show results :

1st Yearling Dog at Crufts 2020

1st yearling dog at Boston Champ Show 2020

2nd Yearling Dog at Manchester Champ Show 2020

1st J,PG and Open and BOB at Coventry Gundog Open Show 2019

1st Yearling and Graduate at Weimaraner Club of Scotland Champ Show 2019

1st Junior & Graduate & res Best Dog at Weimaraner Association Open Show 2019

1st Yearling, Post Graduate & CC at Gundog Breeds of Scotland Champ Show 2019

1st Open at Mid Herts Gundog Open Show 2019

1st Puppy 2nd Junior at WCGB Open Show 2019

1st Junior at Darlington Champ Show 2019

2nd Junior at E Anglian Gundog Open Show 2019

2nd Junior, 1st Graduate at WCGB Champ Show 2019

2nd Junior, 1st Novice at Bournemouth Champ Show 2019

1st Junior at Windsor Gundog Open Show 2019

1st Puppy & BP at Bedford and Dis Open Show 2019

1st Junior at  Paignton Champ Show 2019

1st Puppy, BP, BOB and Group 2 at Leicester City Canine Open Show 2019

1st Puppy and Minor Puppy at Weimaraner Association open Show 2019

2nd Puppy, 2nd Junior, 1st Graduate at E of England Champ Show 2019

1st Puppy and BP at Newmarket and District Open Show 2019

2nd Puppy, 1st Junior at Windsor Champ Show 2019

1st Puppy, BP and BOB at S of England Gundog Open Show 2019

1st Puppy, BP and Group 2 at Redditch and District Open Show 2019

1st Puppy, 1s Junior, BP and Res BOB at Eastwood Canine Open Show 2019

​​​​​​​1st Puppy. 1st Junior & BP at East Anglian Gundog Open Show 2019

​​​​​​​1st Puppy, 1st Junior, BP and BOB at Windsor Gundog 2019

1st Minor Puppy, 1st Puppy, 1st Junior at Southern Counties Champ Show 2019

1st Minor Puppy, 2nd Puppy, 1st Novice at Weimaraner Association Champ Show 2019

​​​​​​​1st Puppy & BP at Herts & Essex Border Canine Open Show 2019

1st Minor Puppy,1st Puppy,1st Maiden,1st Novice and B P in Show at NEWS Champ Show 2019

Sh Ch Gunalt Academy at Raystans JW ShCM Hips 4.4

Sh Ch Gunalt Distinction for Brownbank JW

Sh Ch Gunalt Unstoppable from Mianja

Gunalt Idealist for Mianja

Gunalt Crazy About Flimmoric

Sh Ch Gunalt Delicious

Sh Ch Gunalt Rumours about Sybaris

Sh Ch Gunalt Intuition

Gunalt Adoptable to Ladwey

SH Ch/NZ Ch Carmellis Hot Dikkety Dog at Gunalt ( imp NZ)

Am Ch Graytsky's Smokin' in Havana

NZ Ch Carnmellis Zafirah

Sh Ch Gunalt Contradiction

Gunalt Vitality

Sh Ch Gunalt Glamour Girl

Kalimor Lily JW hips 4.5


Ager 7 months in picture

Ansona Puzzle JW

Sh Ch Kalimor Ruby JW

Picture taken at 21 months

Kalimor Chianti