"Seamus"   4/4/08-16/03/2020 

                                Ir Ch Kalimor Seamus for Juverna JW 1cc 1 res  Hips 3.4 

                                                    Sireva Twister ex Kalimor Chianti

Seamus was owned and loved by Emer Howard and Matt Turnbull. He sadly passed away in March 2020.

Read more about Seamus and see his pedigree on his Champion Page

Seamus was Emer's first working dog and this is what she had to say about her first field trial experience:

"Seamus entered his first field trial on Sunday November 20th - the GSP 
Club of Ireland Novice Field Trial at Drumconrath. Following a fantastic 
first run, Seamus progressed to round two where he worked a backwind 
to indicate scent across a river, and on being sent across he locked on 
point, going on to produce two birds on command that were 
shot by the waiting Guns on the other side of the hedging. Owing to 
the tricky position, Seamus was recalled, and after crossing a bridge 
and a fence into the next field, I sent him in for a very tricky blind 
retrieve in heavy cover which he completed with ease. Unfortunately, 
owing to handler error (I picked up a dropped bird which had slipped 
from my hand, which, unlike in the UK is against the rules in 
Ireland), we were put out of the awards in spite of being the only dog 
at the trial to retrieve his pointed bird! But all was not lost; Seamus was 
called forward to complete the water test which I was worried about - 
he fell into a lake when he was 9 weeks old, and it has been a long road 
getting his feet wet again. However, the £90 spent on a new pair of waders, 
and all of the mornings spent in a cold lake paid off as he braved the pitch 
darkness to make a 25 yard retrieve of cold game from water. The gallery 
erupted with delight, such was their joy at seeing him succeed following their 
disappointment for us that we didn't get an award following my earlier 
mistake. This success resulted in Seamus gaining his Working Gundog 
Qualification Certificate, which means that he is two Green Stars (the 
Irish equivalent of CCs, of which you need 7 in total) away from being 
the first Kalimor full champion, or IR CH. Now that the first trial is out 
of the way, Seamus will now be thrown into Field Trialling full-steam 
for the winter months in both the UK and Ireland. As well as competing 
in trials, Seamus is also a member of the Windsor shoot where he dogs 
in daily, and a visiting rough-shooting dog at the Privett Shoot. He has 
also been invited to Pick Up at the Kilruddery Estate in Ireland whenever 
he is in the county. There will be a write-up about him following his 
performance at the GSP FT in the Shooting Gazette over the coming months. 
:-) can you tell I'm a bit proud of him." 

1st in Gundog Scurry at Ballinlough Game Fair, Ireland. August 2011 
Working Gundog Qualification Certificate at GPCI Novice Field Trial. November 2011