PHOEBE                     29/0/06-

KALIMOR KORANTO AW(B) owned by Tracy Hostler     Ch Easdale Ridge JW Sh CM ex Kalimor Chianti

Tracey has this to say about Phoebe:

Phoebe was a delightful puppy and has grown into a beautiful dog. Slow to mature, she has had a few setbacks with cuts, scrapes and minor injuries; all of which have led to a slow start in our agility training. 
Phoebe is a wonderful dog to live and work with. Perfectly laid back at home, she takes after her mother, yet in the agility ring her late father's working skills come to the fore and she morphs into an exciting and thoroughly exhilarating agility dog. Her enthusiasm for agility knows no bounds, rewarding us with many achievements, the latest being 2 brilliant wins, of which we are enormously proud. Firstly into Grade 5 then after only 3 weeks into Grade 6.
Delightful in every way I am grateful to Tina for letting me have one of her lovely dogs and have great expectations for her on the agility circuit.


Phoebe at work Norfolk Autumn Show ABC qualifier 9.15 MB