Kia's litter born 29/06/2006    

                                Ch Easdale Ridge JW ShCM Hips  ex Kalimor Chianti Hips 2.2

Kia gave birth to a beautiful litter of babies 7 girls and 2 boys. She was a wonderful mother and these babies grew to be lovely dogs and lived long happy lives. Some of their owners have remained firm friends. Click here to read more about Kia and scroll down for pups pedigree.

Kalimor Koranto


Sireva Twister

Sireva Rainstorm at Hepton

Roxberg Rainmaker

CH Carenage Pizazz at Sireva

Sireva Just Misbehaving

Hillside Sultan of Ra

Just Jasmine around Sireva

Sireva Ferrybridge

Sireva Marque

Hillside Sultan of Ra

Sireva Mabee

Just Jasmine around Sireva

Sh Ch Sireva Sackadillion with Lowerdon

Philomena Theta of Sireva

Kalimor Chianti

Gunalt Vitality

Sh Ch Gunalt Excess

Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanclub

Gunalt Eternity

Gunalt Ellie

Sh Ch Gunalt Rover

Silvanus Easy on the eye

Sh Ch Gunalt Carter with Keaek JW

Sh Ch Gunalt Balmain

Gunalt Pleasures

Sh Ch Gunalt Hedonist JW

Kalimor Katherine